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Chimney Repairs in the Poconos Pines, PA, Area

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We here at Anderson Massonry, pride ourselves on the fact that we take care of the chimney issues the first time around. Within the Pocono Pines area its usually the fourth or fidth time we see with respect to the chimney/fireplace repairs. All chimneys will need repairs or restorations at some point in time.For over 30 years we have been doing just that and believe me we have seen them all. Unfortunatitly to many chimneys and fireplaces have been repaired by the wrong people and there just hiding the problems verses correcting them. If your chimney/fireplace is either repaired or restored properly the first time you will never have any issues for 50+ years and we back this up with our guarantee.  Every chimney and fireplace is unique in its own way and corrections should be addressed according to there situation. Pocono pines is located in the heart of the Poconos and is well known for there stone chimneys and fireplaces. On average we restore and or repair 30+ chimneys and fireplaces per year, so weather your looking to upgrade your chimney/fireplace to stone or just repair the existing one so that it is safe to burn, we will advise you to the best course of action that will fit your budget and correct the problem. Water issues are a good indicator to problems beneath the exterior of your chimney. Many home owners in Pocono Pines, Lake Harmony and Mt. Pocono are not always aware of the hidden issues beneath there chimneys and fireplaces, this is why we offer a free inspection of there chimney and fireplace when they purchase there new home.​Protect your investment, we all work hard for our money, this is why you should use our company for your chimney and fireplace issues. So if you have a home in Pocono Pines, or anywhere in the Pocono area and your chimney and or fireplace needs some help, give us a call I promise you it would be the last call for any repairs on your chimney.

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